What exactly are you celebrating?

Do you know that when you pick up that mobile to reply to a message or just check your emails, Facebook and all the other kind of “time eaters” what do you miss? You might say just a few seconds, minutes or hours but I would say that you are missing the opportunity. The opportunity to be better. Everytime you keep on giving in to your addictions is the time when someone else is working and getting smarter and better than you. Man, I can’t tell you the feeling every time I travel when I see people glued to their desires, the laptops, to their iPhones playing angry birds, I laugh at them. The time that they are wasting is the time in which I am getting stronger and bigger than them. I read, think, create, write and learn in the interstices.

But I want to ask one question – You party every other day, you go to malls, watch movies, you celebrate everyday, you don’t care about your relationships, studies, career or life. So… what exactly are you celebrating? Don’t you think you are becoming satisfied with the condition in which you are in and thinking that it is your fate? Whenever you see someone more successful than you, you think that your time will come soon. It is not your day today. You are not ready yet. This is not your real life. And so you keep on getting older and older and on your deathbed you come to find that the life you lived was your real life which you made yourself to live. There were no tomorrows…

The present is now, if you are celebrating every other day without any reason then you should introspect. Find a reason and don’t be satisfied leaving all on the fate. The life you are living is the real you. There are no good tomorrows but only the good today because of the situation which you create for yourself. Your present life is your real life until you take a step to change it.



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