I have lost my loved one.

Sitting in my room thinking, will I ever succeed?

If I ever get another life?

If I can ever give love and be loved?

I have so many reasons against it, standing as big rocks. It is hard to rationalise.

Why can’t I be?

What is preventing me? I wonder…

Someone is knocking on my door. Maybe it is just the wind. I am choosing to ignore it. Again, I think I just heard a thud. I have to check it. I have opened the door, but there is no one. Maybe it is just my depressed mind.

Oh God! What is it? I see an ominous creature flying outside with the face of a black cat and the body of an owl having the feathers of a crow. It is all black. It is now sitting on a branch of a tree outside. Its eyes are burning with fire. I think I should go and ask it.

“Who are you?”

It does not reply.

I think it may be an omen of evil. This is what I can interpret by his appearance at least. I am trying to chase him away, but it is sitting as still as a rock. I think I should I ask him some questions during which, maybe, I can truly know its intentions. Let’s try one more time.

“Who are you?”

“Thypeam,” It hoots.

Now this creature is having the voice of an owl, too! Great!

What does it mean by Thypeam? This creature is insane.

Or maybe it is just too intelligent, being out of the scope of my vocabulary. Chances are bleak, but I should try one more time.

“Do you understand what I am asking?”

It is nodding. That must be a sign that it can understand me.

“Are you here to help me?”

It is not responding.

It may be a sign of something evil or maybe good. There should be a reason behind everything.

“Ok, whatever you are, will you answer me anything about my pain and miseries? Do you know anything about those?”

Great, it is nodding.

“Do you know the reason I suffer?”

He is nodding. I must ask him, but before that I must know this.

“Are you a bad omen?”

It doesn’t move or say anything.

“Do you know the reason I lost my loved one and why she died an unnatural death?”

“Thypeam,” it hoots.

“Do you know the reason for my constant failure in life?”

“Thypeam,” it hoots again.

I am going nuts. For every question, this devil has nothing, but to answer Thypeam. His name is Thypeam, and for every cause the reason it is stating is Thypeam. Is this some kind of treachery? I better get rid of it before anything.

“You must leave now. There is no need of you.”

It is still sitting.

“Do I have any business with you? Do I owe you something?”

“Thypeam.” It nods.

“So you think this place is yours? Sitting here irritating me for no reason. Now get off my damn property. What would it take for you to leave?”

“Thypeam,” it hoots.

Gosh! This creature is getting bigger and bigger, increasing in size, overpowering nature. It is now larger than eight feet.

“Thypeam, Thypeam, Thypeam,” it is roaring.

Damn, stop, you!


It is now overpowering. I can see nothing but darkness. My house is coming under the shadow, my soul is already under the shade of his sheer darkness. Covering the whole view, he is now as big as a devil can be. I can see neither the moon nor the stars. Its feathers are all over and all I can see there are two burning holes getting hotter and hotter. Flames all over, yet there is no illumination. It is feeding on something evil, something that must be present here. And it is like an elixir to him. I must know his source lest I be damned. This being should be made of something in oneness. Its word, its formation and its arrival here have something to do with this place… Or maybe me? A chill is running down through my spine. What I think must be correct, as the creature is going on in its rage. I need to hurry; I need to think.

Why is this creature made up of a cat, owl, and a crow?

And why is he blabbering Thypeam?

Is there any connection between both of them?

There must be! Can it be its name? Thypeam?

This doesn’t sound like a name. What should I do? I was once told that if there is something confusing, one should split it up. But how can I apply it here? I must hurry.

Think, think, think! Thypeam, this word must be the answers to all of this havoc. Thypeam, thypeam, thyppp… pp…p…What? It can’t be! How can I.. I… was I feeding this creature?

NO!  All that power he is drawing is from me? Is of me?

Did I make it too strong to the extent that I feel helpless?

Was it my ignorance?


I now know how I created this creature. Thypeam, face of a dark cat, body of an owl and feathers of a crow. I didn’t think that it would become so enraged that it would take over my life.

There is nothing that can be done now. I am engulfed in darkness; I can’t breathe, I can’t see. All I know is that I was responsible for all of this. I must be punished. I do not deserve to live, and it knows. I thank the almighty that he imbued me with self-enlightenment, but the only grief is that it is already too late. Shall I live again, let it be for good…

I can now hear it, the one last time, as he cries:




Thypeam means

Thy – You, as an owl

Pe – Petulant, as a black cat

Am – Ambition, as feathers of a crow

i.e. Your petulant ambitions.

The selfish man has his petulant ambitions that help nobody but him. To achieve something he wants, he can do anything, even at the cost of anyone’s life. He doesn’t contribute to society and keeps on hoarding money to feed his greed.

He flies, but only for himself consumed by the evil.

As his petulant ambition grows, the time would come when he’d lose everything, and there would be no reverse path. He may repent, but the evil he created would ultimately overpower him, and there would be nothing but gloom.


Inspired from the writings of E.A. Poe



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