The Dark Side of Astral Projection

We have all heard about the phenomenon of out-of-body experience (OBE) and there is no question that many of people is starting to become quite curious about it. There are many who claim that this is a truly genuine phenomenon and they have been able to convince many people about it. Several reports talk about people being in a room and doing a number of things while a person is blindfolded and laying in a bed. Then the person gets up and describes exactly what they did.

It seems like astral projection is an incredible gift that many people are able to use to visit locations far away from their reach, all while their bodies rest in a bed peacefully and safely, but what happens when the body is left alone and there could be something out there that might attempt to harm your astral body. This is something that many people in who practice astral projection have been warning people about.

It seems like the more skilled you become at astral projection, the more you attract entities that can try to harm your astral self. This malicious entities can be from other dimensions, but according to people who have done plenty of astral traveling, there are other people who learn astral projection with the purpose of ambushing travelers and severing their silver cord to leave them wandering outside of their bodies forever. The silver cord that keeps is connected to our bodies is essential for us to find out way back.

There are other astral travelers who claim that there are entities that can suck your life force while you leave your body unattended. There are many claims of people who go back to their bodies only to find an entity lurking around. There are many dangers in the astral world, but there are also many way of protecting yourself by being in total control of your emotions. Your astral body experiences the same emotions that your physical body can experience and this is the reason astral traveling is a lot like learning to fly an airplane. It takes many hours of flight before you can be considered capable of doing the work properly.

Demon possession has also been a very common topic amongst astral travelers who say that they have come back to their bodies to feel like outsiders to it. They feel like there is something else in there with them and depression weighs heavy on their bodies. There is no proof that astral projection can leave your body open to demon possession, but those who seem to have been attacked by a demon, are usually people who have invited this entity in their conscious state and then decided to perform the projection.

This is, still, all very difficult to determine officially, but according to demonology in general, you need to invite the demon in order for it to affect you. The same rules seem to apply to the realm of astral projection, but it’s always good to be safe about it.

Thousands of scary and disturbing stories have been told by astral travelers all over the world. Some have said that demonic entities have taken over their bodies, while others have encountered all kinds of horrendous apparitions and entities that wanted to harm them during their astral traveling journey.

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