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Can You Control It?

There is always a difficulty. Difficulty which is intrinsic in human mind. Difficulty in making choices. Difficulty in prioritizing. Sometimes we are met with a situation which demands a choice. If we choose to live by that choice then there is always a possibility that something which is more important would be at peril. So how do you tackle this? We all prioritize work but what method do you use? Most of us still spend time worrying about the tasks in the priority list because we tend to make mistakes in prioritizing. Say, such as, studying for the exams vs. worrying about the results of other exams; concentrating on your job vs. devoting time to your relationships. Both are equally important. Hopefully, there is a way out there to save you some mental suffering. Read More »


Your Inner Coach

The other day I was reading an article in HBR written by Peter who introduced a concept of controlling your emotions. The concept is called “inner coach”. Many a times when we are in a particular situation, we think about emotions pertaining to that particular circumstance. Like if we fail in exam or a project or anything then our mind says that we are an idiot and a failure. It is very easy to dismiss it by saying ” …well, he is a jerk” to a person but when the receiving end is us then it becomes a bit more difficult. There is also a good voice which gets activated when we feel optimistic. The voice to motivate us, the voice to tell us that everything would be OK. The point is what to hear and what to not. Read More »

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