Scrapping of Planning Commission

Modi announced in his speech that the planning commission will be scrapped and replaced by “Team India” which will undertake a deeper study of the India’s problems and offer solutions with the help of states. Though many of the Chief Ministers agree except a few, the question is whether it would be fruitful or not.

Planning Commission is an institution entrusted with the formulation of five-year plans. No decision is allowed to be taken by states, and there is a centralization of power. I never had a high opinion of the planning commission because of the reputation it made of itself. It formulates “one size fits all” policies and in a developing and democratic country like India; this is something that is unacceptable. Scrapping of Planning Commission would grant power to states because of decentralization of power, and respective states can plan and implement the same on their own. That would increase confidence and viability. Some politicians are in favor of restructuring the Planning Commission which, in fact, leads to an inference that they, acknowledges the poor working of the same and want to restructure it. Why only now? It has been more than 60 years since the enactment of the commission and only when there arise a fear of loss of power; there are opinions to restructure it.

In my opinion, “ maximum governance, minimum government” would rightly fit here and in the coming time, it will increase the effectiveness and simplicity of the administration yielding maximum benefits to the nation.



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