Railway Budget 2015-16

Railway Budget 2015-16

  1. Reservation period – It is now possible to book tickets 120 days in advance as against 60 days.
  2. Concessional e-tickets – The same will be provided for differently-abled travelers.
  3. Multi-lingual e-ticketing portal – Government to work towards the same and implement it soon.
  4. Unreserved tickets – Don’t want to spend on reservation, yet don’t want to go to the ticket window? Soon you will be able to book ticket without paying for reservation. A pilot study has started.
  5. Vending machines – Debit card operated ticketing machine is proposed to be set up.
  6. No fare hikes – Good news, isn’t it? Not even one year has been elapsed since the increase in fares, so the same was not expected.
  7. Problems and Complaints – 24X7 helpline number, 138, and toll-free number 182 for security related complaints.
  8. Catering – Now some quality food is here. Best food chains will be integrated in the project. What more, choosing the meal will now be available. Meal can be booked online along with ticket booking. Water vending machines will also be increased.
  9. SMS Alert – Tired of reaching station only to know that the train is late by 2 hours? of finding internet connection to check the arrival/departure schedule? No more; now travelers would be intimated about the same in advance by SMS. Be sure to keep your phone battery charge, atleast.
  10. Charging ports – Forget to charge your gadgets before traveling? No problem; now charging ports would be available in general class coaches also and number of charging ports would be increased in sleeper coaches. What? Are you asking about chair car? Just travel in general class coach one time and invest that money in a portable power bank. Duh!
  11. Peaceful nights – Surveillance facility will be provided in selected mainline coaches and ladies’ compartments of suburban coaches without intruding into privacy.
  12. Entertainment – No need to get bored in Shatabdi train now. A project for introducing on-board entertainment on select Shatabdi trains on license fee basis has been launched.
  13. Free WiFi – As a part of “Digital India” initiative, WiFi will be provided at B category station too (A1 and A category stations are already covered). Just don’t keep sitting at the stations all the day!
  14. Wheel chairs – Wheel chairs can now be booked on payment basis by senior citizens. Finally some good initiative for senior citizens.
  15. Increase in train capacity – Capacity in identified trains to be augmented to run with 26 coaches; more General class coaches to be added in identified trains.
  16. Ladders – Last time when I traveled, a lady fell while climbing to reach upper birth. Many similar cases are there. NID has now approached to design user friendly ladders for climbing upper berths. Also, senior citizens can now avail their increased quota for lower births.
  17. Lifts and escalator – Provision of Rs. 120 crore for the development (76% higher than that of last year)
  18. Clean stations – Professional agencies will be engaged to clean the station.
  19. Waste to Energy – Waste to energy conversion plants will be set up near major terminals as a part of “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”.
  20. Built-in dustbins – The same would be available in general coaches also.
  21. Increase in train speed – Speed of 9 railway corridors to be increased from existing 110 and 130 kmph to 160 and 200 kmph respectively so that inter-metro journeys like Delhi-Kolkata and Delhi-Mumbai can be completed overnight.
  22. Bullet train – Feasibility study for High Speed Rail between Mumbai-Ahmadabad is in advanced stage and report expected by the mid of this year.

For financial, governance, and other aspects Other Aspects of Railway Budget 2015-16



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