The Perfect Woman

Nobody is perfect. I wanted to have the perfect companion in the world but found none. All were lacking in one respect or another. I have a picture in my mind of the kind I crave. I am still relentlessly working on finding one.

I don’t have many friends. The closest ones I hang out with are Alisha, Ruby, Zarine and Anahita. There is a high level of trust among us. After college, we usually mess around discovering new places and new elements. It has its amusement and excitement in knowing the unknown. Some fortunate days we found few of the rare crystals from the sea nearby. Not me! I don’t know how to swim, and neither do the rest three of us. It is Alisha who can. She is the best diver I have ever seen, better than an expert. She can hold her breath for as long as seven minutes and can go deep undersea without any fear. It is the blessing of her ability that she got such a perfect athletic frame. I have seen many in my college drooling over her. However, she trusts no one but me. I never lie to her about anything, but I don’t like the way she behaves. It is not okay to disrespect any other person, though I agree that this is not the case with me, but she never omitted to being insolent.

This is where Ruby is good. She is handicap; she altruistically lost her left hand while trying to save a child. It was a ghastly scene when her left hand got ripped off in front of my eyes. I, with the help of Alisha, took her to the hospital. It was impossible for such a benevolent person to die, but her left hand had to be cut off nonetheless. It is not her beauty, but her generosity that attracts others. She sometimes feels insecure in front of Zarine. It is an obvious consequence of looking right at her face.

Zarine is as beautiful as a mortal can be. Her eyelashes brush her fluffy cheeks every time she blinks. Those two dents whenever she hears a joke never fail to enthrall me. Her hair is godly and divine. Better than silk. Better than gold. Heck! I would even sell my iShit just to have a feel of her hair. She doesn’t even need makeup. She is like that reckless Bahu in our daily soap opera who, after waking up, looks as refreshed as an icetea, except that Zarine is real.

None of us is as good as Anahita. She is the living Shakuntala Devi. She is a consistent topper among all of us. She can solve any question mentally. Be it related to mathematics or physics, general finance or the stock market, she knows everything, anything! Not only academically; she is the one and only girl I have met who can understand a man lucidly. Her advice always works. She is neither egoistical nor irritating nor a loquacious one. She talks to the point. Talking with her always refreshes my mind. See! We are a whole bunch of diverse pals. The best group ever. The best people ever. I wanted to be with them forever.

However, as I am writing this, it has been two days since I saw all four of them. I don’t know where they went. Sequentially, they went missing. It was Monday when Alisha wasn’t traceable, and today Anahita went missing. In between these two days, Ruby and Zarine were gone. I think they all are just playing games, or should I say we… Yup, all four of them are with me. We all are a part of a plan; we are pranking. You know we love adventures just to have some fun. We started off excitedly. However, now Alisha is scared of something. I am asking her where the other three girls are, but she is not even speaking a word. She is quaking; I don’t know why. Last night we were done with our prank, and decided to leave the place today, but it is 11:00 PM now, and I think the other three girls left except Alisha. I wonder why she is here.

Her palpitation just stopped. I think I just won; I invented this! Of course, this is what I am good at! Just the final step and it’ll be finished.


# Psychiatric Evaluation; 5th October, 2014

The patient suffers from dementia leading to his mental instability. He kidnapped four girls and killed them ruthlessly. Further investigation revealed that he was isolated since he was a child. He had no friends. His neighbors sometimes watched him talking to himself sitting near the seashore at Street #324, near the graveyard. In his journal we found that he admired four girls named Alisha, Ruby, Zarine and Anahita, the same four girls as aforementioned were in college. Though he had never been to college, or met them. They were studying in St. KBG College, 2 KM away from the patient’s house and were matching exactly in description as he had written in his journal. Five days ago all four of them went missing and were later discovered yesterday in a mutilated condition. All girls were heavily sedated. Alisha’s body was axed from her head, Ruby’s chest was ripped apart and her heart was taken out, Zarine’s head was whacked from her body, and Anahita’s head was chopped and her brain was removed. The patient was found in his room doing necromancy. On further enquiry, the patient admitted that he wanted to create a perfect woman, who can be beautiful, intelligent and caring at the same time, so parts of murdered girls were sewn together. One more thing he needed was soul, so he tried to imbibe the “stitched-girl” with his soul and succeeded. The veracity of his statement could not be verified as the mentioned “stitched-girl” couldn’t be found at his place.



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  1. Its True ! Moral of Story is truly No body is & cannot be Perfect !

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