Learn Vocabulary with the help of Raps

Do you get tired of flipping through the pages of dictionary? Remembering those chunks of vocab words and forgetting the same the next day? Learning vocab could have never been easier with the help of songs. You listen to songs all the day. So why not putting some efforts learning something while you listen? Now here comes the Rap Genre. There are many vocab intensive raps out there that will interest you. It’s time to give a break to those Aashiqui 2 songs…

Some of the best Rappers are Eminem (everybody knows him), Tech n9ne, Busta Rhymes, Hopsin, Watsky and Mac lethal. Below are some examples of Raps and vocabulary. I will be giving examples of Eminem and tech n9ne verses of vocab because they are lyrically genius. Selection of Busta rhymes’, hopsin’s, Watsky’s and Mac lethal’s Raps is mentioned at the end for those who are looking for a quick start.


Rap – Above the Law
–  Terrible but not rip able invincible hung invisible
–  Back in that thing smother little whacker till it suffocates
–  Came back to annihilate the games in dire straight as I await
–  Outlandish these words are weapon that I brandish

 Rap – Take from me
–  Aside from my daughter not to sound like a martyr
–  Trapped in this house I’m bout’ to snap am I not
–  But I won’t let it get me down in a succumb, I am anything but glum so kill em

 Rap – Loud Noises
–  Look who’s back to antagonize
–  How can I find the time to put alkaline battery in the Royce’s back

 Rap – Echo
–  My world is like a Rubik’s cube it’s too complex girl you assuming’ cupid’s looming, my mentality is caveman
–  Diabolical till the last molecule down to my last hair follicle and cuticle
–  And this time I don’t mean I ’ma pour gasoline on someone and light her

 Rap – Spacebound
–  We touch I feel a rush, we clutch it isn’t much
–  Its lust, its torturous, you must be sorcerous
–  Blood sucking succubus’s, what the hell is up with his
–  I got a hole in my heart for some kind of emotion roller-coaster
–  You take my breath away, you are supernova

 Some other vocab rich raps by Eminem are –

Not afraid Welcome to hell Underground (hardcore)
25 to life Mockingbird Way I am
Kim (violent) Till I collapse Talking to myself
Cleanin’ out my closet 3a.m No love
So bad You’re never over

TECH N9NE (lyrical god)

Rap – Uralya
–  You’re coming really foul and it smell like dead gefilte fish
–  Just mutilated, through the latest
–  Silly lucka when you click up cuz you the sadist
–  I’m gonna beat ya like pinnata, but I’m givin the devil a stigmata
–  Not being the straight but being slick is your trade

Rap – Straight out the gate
–  The grave digger is hither
–  Evil brain angel heart I remain in the dark and anointed
–  I place you in the deepest darkest part of abyss, Nobody but you and without any food and no agua
–  Sat in the dungeons and ditches
–  And laughing you dummies trip with exalted
–  Huntin’ you heathens, hella hungry and I’m amped this year
–  I’m appalled that you all want me to fall calling craps

Rap – Love to dislike me
–  Really need Hennessey, that be my fucking reliever
–  Cause you stay on dismay, temper detections
–  But you ain’t supposed to be my nemesis
–  You point out all my imperfections, but yet you stay that’s nerve wrecking

Some other vocab rich raps by Tech n9ne are –

Worldwide choppers (Must listen) Show me a god Party the pain away
EBAH Am I psycho?  He is a mental giant 
So lonely 

Busta Rhymes look at Now, We made it, Why stop now

HopsinAm not introducing you to mama, How you like me now, Heather Nicole, Kill her, Its all good now, Leave me alone, Pans in the kitchen, Stabbed

Mac lethal Pancake rap, iPhone plus guitar rap, Occupy Wall Street satire

Watsky Ugly face

So next time, when you’ll switch on your iPhone/Android/iPod don’t forget to put some raps in.



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