How quickly do you wake up?

Do you know that the more time you spend in bed after the alarm goes off, the less you would be productive in the next few hours. Many of us use snooze button and keep on sleeping for minutes and hours after that. But this ain’t right you know. So, let us discuss the solutions to wake up quickly.

Throw Yourself

Whenever you open your eyes and can’t get up even with the alarm clock which is not working for you, then gather some energy and throw yourself out of the bed on the floor. Believe me, after doing this two or three times, you would either develop a fear or joy, in the either way you would be motivated to get up.

Calculate Your Time

If you know that how much time do you take to get up, would that motivate you to beat your records? If your answer is yes then an app called “Morning Routine” can help you. What it does that it records the time taken to switch off the alarm. On a more intensive mode, scan the bar code or any product to make the alarm stop. How cool it would be when you would be making your way to shower to scan the bar code of a shampoo bottle! 4 Apps to Overcome Daily Obstacles

Plug in Speakers

Attach speakers to your mobile. And don’t forget to put in the creepy tunes. Here is my favorite tunes by Ramsay –
There is nothing more motivating than the fear itself.



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