Horror Dreams

You may never have thought about this nutty and inane idea of getting motivated with the help of horror movies. Yeah, a bit brain-sick and wacky postulate but not a sardonic one.

Have you ever noticed, if you laud your habit of watching gory and bloody horror movies at night, that after watching those Slaughterous movies, you often have dreams of Mutilated, Stygian and Gloomy figures running behind you with that razor sharp sword in their hands or of you falling down from 13th floor and getting lost in the outer world? That figure which you try to take feel of suddenly turns into the charcoal and absorbs you throwing you into in a limbo? Creepy figures taking shapes; horror is running down through your spine when you suddenly see someone punching nails into your feet and you feeling no pain? A baby laughing like a man, you went closer, and you see hisface covered with blood and he is whispering your name looking right into your eyes as he drools and dibble and he is coming for you, crawling, and at the same time you are becoming torpid?

Have you ever felt feared and restless after having those type of dreams when you wake up? Ever shivered with a fright of that sight? Some may ignore significance of those dreams but those dreams carry yourUltimate Elixir to defunct your fear of failure. Yes, Elixir! Most of us have fear of nothing but Failure and Power. Fear of failure, if you are not performing well or if you are intelligent then fear of loss of power corrupts your mind. At every moment there is a dissonance between your inner conscience and your brain. Your brain subconsciously imbibe those fears while your conscience struggles. Have you ever noticed that while you wake up after a horror dream you feel energetic like if some emollient mollified your brain? You get a pellucid mind! You can judge and predict clearly thereby making your 6th sense stronger and other 5 senses at their best. Have you ever tried solving the complex RCs, PJs, or Quant after the same? And not just study thing but you can take better decisions. You may find yourself grabbing and breaking down the complexity at a faster rate than doing the same in the rest of the day. It is because you get your mind stunned for few minutes or hours, and it becomes clear of obtrusive thoughts allowing your conscience to directly communicate with the world.

Horror dreams also have pleasant sporadic flashbacks of the places once forgotten, Ones which you used to be connected with… that school, that road,those long forgotten friends, that pulchritudinous girl you always dreamt of, that sky which you used to stare at when you were sad, all those plethora of memories which are stuck in your subconscious mind and again seeing all those transforming into a dark place and you are running again!

Have a “Devilish Night”!



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