Happy Birthday to Me

Today is 24th of September; yesterday was my birthday. On the 22nd at 10, when I went to bed, I felt that someone was present in my room. Before it happened, I was hearing eerie noises like if someone was turning on his PC with windows XP on it. You know how it sounds; that long monotonous creepy tone never failed to give me chills. That day I went to bed early; I had no work to do. I had been alone in the past few days. I had no friends, I was alone almost all the time, talking to myself, apprehending myself, loathing and loving myself, and all those feelings that an ordinary human being shares with another being. I had to do it all by myself. Not until the day when I first met you. Alisha, I didn’t pay any particular attention to you in the library where we used to visit until one day when you cooked my iPhone by spilling your damn coffee on it. I never loved anything more than my iShit, but that was the first time I was not infuriated. Instead, I offered you another coffee and from that day onwards we got along well. Good were those days; I never felt so alone as I am feeling now, but thank God you are here with me, looking at me. Are you hearing what I am saying?

I continued hearing shrieks that day; I was even more scared because you were not with me, supposedly. You got your job, handsome pay, awesome! Wasn’t it? You used to call me at ten at night, but that night you didn’t. It was my birthday at 12:00 am. Although my phone doesn’t ring normally on my birthday, I was expecting you to wish me a new year of life. I was planning to take you out on some random adventure that day; I had many plans, but they began to be thwarted bit by bit as the time passed. It was 11:45. The voices in my head were telling me that you left me, you found a better one, but thank God you didn’t. You are here. However, I couldn’t resist the agony I used to have out of loneliness.

It was not until 11:50 when I heard a thud on the door. I was scared. It felt like someone was there to end my life. I woke up and picked up an axe; the noise grew stronger, and I heard a cry like that of a tormented creature. I had been watching many horror movies. Maybe they were aiding a chemical imbalance in my brain, I thought, not until when I felt that someone just crossed behind me. I had to end that. Was I cursed? Did I do something sinful, something immoral? Was I abandoned by God? Was I in the hands of Satan? Many thoughts were crossing my mind. I saw a shadow of something coming toward me. I could see its figure on the curtains. It was getting bigger and bigger. The thing was behind the curtains. I was sweating and almost fainted at the sight, but I had the courage to face my fears. I was ready to accept my fate, but not without an effort to change it. I got in my stance, clenched the axe and closed my eyes because you know if you look the devil in his eye he will take your soul through it. I could have died, but I would never have agreed to lose my soul.

Not until I was sure that he entered my room, I drew a circle with my axe, rotating it with a force so strong that I travelled all the way around, slicing the devil.

I opened my eyes. I saw a headless being standing there, holding a cake with burning candles on it, written on which was:

“Happy Birthday!”

It was the 23rd of September at 12:00 AM.

At the same time, a black cat passed by, making a similar creepy noise that I had heard at 10:00 PM and afterwards.

I saw my bed, and there lay the head of the body, the head of you, the head of my beloved one, Alisha.

I could not afford to lose you. See, you are still safe with me. I told you, I love you. You can now live with me as long as you like. This box is all yours. What would happen if I could not preserve your body, but I can make your brain never die? You will be here with me forever.



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