Evil Secret

Look, I am here to tell you something. A secret nobody ever told you, a secret that was buried inside the depths of Hades, piece by piece. I took them all and am here to show you the same.

Under the influence or oppression? No, it is out of my pure love for humanity and hate for evil. The SATAN. Satan sent me to do his work. Satan, the devil, the supreme evil force, a creature made from loathing and resentment. You are the chosen one. Yes, you! You are chosen to serve him. Do you know how it feels being a chosen one? I was the one before you. He tormented me to generate the pain and hatred, forcing me to inflict more pain on people like you.

Your mind may be under his influence, but I will not let that happen. I shall put an end to this. What you need to do is… God! He is here! My time is up; he will torment me. I need to destroy myself, lest he make me suffer by killing me and imbuing me with life every day. It is better to die once.

Bed it is, be it of the death or life, but there is one last thing I must tell you. That evil, I can tell you where it lives. Read this note…

Read the first word of every paragraph.



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