Do you see the real you?

Human mind is incredible, it can distort the reality so well that you can’t even believe that it is not real. Take an example of your physical features which you may consider as a definition of beauty. You wake up in the morning and look into the mirror. You see that you are looking a bit ugly. Your hairs are messy, your face is swelling, you are fat or thin, your jaws ain’t right and so on. You are spending so much time in front of the mirror trying to look better and after many minutes or hours, you think you are better. But the reality is mirror reflects what you want to see. If you have assumptions in your mind about anything, be it about yourself or anything else, it will distort the reality. You are seeing the things not as it is but how your mind wants to see it. You are the same person. Following the path of giving in to your mind would bear no fruit. There is a need to drop the assumptions, the pre-conceived notions; and see the reality as it is. We are blessed with the eyes and strength to see the thing as it is… be sure to go to the-silencer.com where I further elaborate on what I mean.



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