Confidence? Distortion of Reality

Let us define confidence first. Confidence is something about which we aren’t sure about but show a belief that we can do or know a thing. Human nature is such that we tend to believe and show a confidence based upon estimation and distortion of reality rather than knowing. Don’t you agree  that you don’t need to be confident about a thing you know? Because you simply know! You are confident that you are human or you know that you are human? You are confident that you can walk or you know you can walk? Simple, because you know. You don’t need to be confident about that.  Confidence is simply a tool of the weak. Confident people fail to or are unwilling to see the reality as it is. They don’t accept. They judge everything. When there is a time when we are able to differentiate between what we know and what we don’t know and are willing to learn  then there would be no need of confidence. Life would be full then.



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