Deep Dark Fears



I have lost my loved one.

Sitting in my room thinking, will I ever succeed?

If I ever get another life?

If I can ever give love and be loved?

I have so many reasons against it, standing as big rocks. It is hard to rationalise.

Why can’t I be?

What is preventing me? I wonder…

Someone is knocking on my door. Maybe it is just the wind. I am choosing to ignore it. Again, I think I just heard a thud. I have to check it. I have opened the door, but there is no one. Maybe it is just my depressed mind.

Oh God! What is it? I see an ominous creature flying outside with the face of a black cat and the body of an owl having the feathers of a crow. It is all black. It is now sitting on a branch of a tree outside. Its eyes are burning with fire. I think I should go and ask it. Read More »


The Roommate

It was not my fault. It was not I who forced her to do such a ghastly thing to herself, and neither I who goaded her to do so. However, regardless of anything, Jane did it. Lying in front of my eyes, emaciated and lifeless, I couldn’t help but regret it. Her last wish was to stay with me before she succumbed to a coma, but I was cold-hearted and that’s why she was in that condition. I was trying to shift the mental burden and guilt. Is it only because of me?

Just last night I moved to this apartment in the suburbs. It was large enough for sleeping yet congested to live. The landlady told me that I had to share my room with another person. That was not a bad deal, as my bills were going to be split up. It was a girl, as I came to know. Read More »


Evil Secret

Look, I am here to tell you something. A secret nobody ever told you, a secret that was buried inside the depths of Hades, piece by piece. I took them all and am here to show you the same.

Under the influence or oppression? No, it is out of my pure love for humanity and hate for evil. The SATAN. Satan sent me to do his work. Satan, the devil, the supreme evil force, a creature made from loathing and resentment. You are the chosen one. Yes, you! You are chosen to serve him. Do you know how it feels being a chosen one? I was the one before you. He tormented me to generate the pain and hatred, forcing me to inflict more pain on people like you. Read More »

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