Can You Control It?

There is always a difficulty. Difficulty which is intrinsic in human mind. Difficulty in making choices. Difficulty in prioritizing. Sometimes we are met with a situation which demands a choice. If we choose to live by that choice then there is always a possibility that something which is more important would be at peril. So how do you tackle this? We all prioritize work but what method do you use? Most of us still spend time worrying about the tasks in the priority list because we tend to make mistakes in prioritizing. Say, such as, studying for the exams vs. worrying about the results of other exams; concentrating on your job vs. devoting time to your relationships. Both are equally important. Hopefully, there is a way out there to save you some mental suffering.

There are always two perspectives from the view-point of control. Either you can control a thing or you cannot. Waiting for the result, you can’t control; not so good exams, you can’t control; broken relationships in which you have no fault, you can’t control; other people’s thinking, you can’t control. But you can control your thoughts, your behaviour; you can tell yourself not to repent and focus on task ahead or not to be nervous. Energy which you are spending in worrying would be detrimental to your real life. You are living a non-existent life. Think yourself; how your surroundings and your real life is as compared to your thoughts? Your thoughts are just your thoughts, they are not your life. Whatever happen would certainly happen and you know nothing about it. We have spent hours and days and years waiting for the perfect life by worrying about things which we can’t control. Not even 1% of what you think would happen, just don’t happen. You might see it happening but it would be from a totally different viewpoint. Instead of contributing, we tend to focus on what we have done and when can we reap the benefits. We waste minutes and hours in a day thinking about the positives and negatives. These things are the inevitable. Nature doesn’t give flying ducks about what you think, future doesn’t give flying ducks about what you think; you simply can’t control the future. Then why worrying about the same?

So next time when you think about something, ask yourself whether you can control it? If your answer is no then simply leave that thought and assume if that didn’t exist. If your answer is yes then kudos! You have your next task ahead. Believe me you would be having a lot of time at your disposal then.



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