Author: Chiranjiv Kumar


The Dark Side of Astral Projection

We have all heard about the phenomenon of out-of-body experience (OBE) and there is no question that many of people is starting to become quite curious about it. There are many who claim that this is a truly genuine phenomenon and they have been able to convince many people about it. Several reports talk about people being in a room and doing a number of things while a person is blindfolded and laying in a bed. Then the person gets up and describes exactly what they did.

It seems like astral projection is an incredible gift that many people are able to use to visit locations far away from their reach, all while their bodies rest in a bed peacefully and safely, but what happens when the body is left alone and there could be something out there that might attempt to harm your astral body. This is something that many people in who practice astral projection have been warning people about. Read More »


The Power of Motivation

Out of all the skills and disciplines that we can learn to harness on a daily basis, motivation is arguably the most powerful. Being motivated allows us to claw back those negative thoughts and that temptation to give up in search of more productivity and success. Of course, being able to hone the power of motivation isn’t so simple; you don’t just snap your fingers and things fall into place. You need to be able to actually understand what powers your own motivations, and what can inspire you personally to get through the day.

According to a 2013 article on, motivation is one of the leading factors behind success in business. Discussing the benefits of an incentive program, they speak about the massive strengths that providing an extra bonus for everyone at the company to try and achieve. Read More »


A Letter from the Futureself

Regardless of whether you recover from setbacks quickly or are slow to recover, you can teach yourself to spend less time fretting over things and more time being happy. Sure, we all deal with challenges differently, challenges like not getting a job, losing in studies, losing a job, getting older or bad news from your physician. The fact is that these setbacks don’t need to set you back forever. There are several ways to get and stay happy, including penning a letter to yourself for being a happy person. Sure, at first it will feel a bit awkward but once you get into the meat of your letter you instantly feel uplifted and yes – Happy. Your future-self knows you better.

A letter from the Futureself

Congrats to you for starting 2015 out on a happy, fulfilling note. So far your choices to do what makes you feel good has made a significant difference – you don’t even need to put in a lot of effort into living a happy life now. Just think about how far you’ve actually come. Just a few months ago you were filled with financial dread, resorting to comfort food, having trouble fighting off depression. Then, you picked yourself up, put on your walking shoes and hit the road. Your daily walks were definitely a step in the right direction because it’s been proven that exercise makes you happier and healthier. I am so proud of you for possessing the courage to fight through your worries and treat yourself with love and respect. Looking back, it’s amazing that we pushed through the stressful times the way we did and ended up feeling so much better, just months after realizing that we deserve to be happy. Now you know what is important in life and are more open to positive change and new opportunities. Read More »


What exactly are you celebrating?

Do you know that when you pick up that mobile to reply to a message or just check your emails, Facebook and all the other kind of “time eaters” what do you miss? You might say just a few seconds, minutes or hours but I would say that you are missing the opportunity. The opportunity to be better. Everytime you keep on giving in to your addictions is the time when someone else is working and getting smarter and better than you. Man, I can’t tell you the feeling every time I travel when I see people glued to their desires, the laptops, to their iPhones playing angry birds, I laugh at them. The time that they are wasting is the time in which I am getting stronger and bigger than them. I read, think, create, write and learn in the interstices. Read More »


8 Principles of Success in Life

Last day you did something that created a guilt feeling. You are feeling continuously bad about that situation and what you did. You days are restless and you are not able to sleep. You see them in your dreams. It may be because of absence of principles or too biased principles of your life.

In the day, we do many things ranging from social interaction, making decisions, judging others and most importantly judging ourselves on the basis of one or more principles which may not be acknowledge by us. Confusion evolves. Someone insult us and we think deeply whether it will be morally good to take revenge? And sometimes after taking revenge we feel guilt. We did something for ourselves and feel guilt later that it was nothing but selfishness. We think that acknowledgement of us being great is selfishness. Sometimes we feel that showing up ourselves and our best of talent make us self-centered. All these circumstances interrupts the normal working of our brain and lead us towards failure. Read More »

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