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Top 5 Myths related to Exams

I have seen many aspirants of CA/CWA/CS worrying about MANY things. And when I stress many I really means many. Being a professional student we have enough senses to judge whether a given statement is true or false and if we can’t judge then rather let it pass instead of making it more complex. I am listing some common myths (according to me and the best of my knowledge) which affects the working of the brain of a common student: Read More »


XBRL Simplified

What is XBRL?

Standard definition – XBRL stands for eXtensible Business Reporting Language. It is a language for the electronic communication of business information, providing major benefits in the preparation, analysis and communication of business information.  It offers cost savings, greater efficiency and improved accuracy and reliability to all those involved in supplying or using business information.

Explanation 1 – What a company has in a non-XBRL world is a bunch of pdf files, excel and html files with it. And combining those we get monolithic information… (Means hard to analyze). Every company is filing in its own format. It will take much time to analyze those information. In XBRL world, each piece of information is assigned a particular (taxonomy) so that every company’s financial statement can look alike so it can be analyzed and can be even passed on to other company very easily. Globally it is very beneficial. Read More »


Insider Trading – How is it done?

You may have heard some news before like ABC directors of a company are charged with offense of Insider trading. What basically is insider trading? Insider trading as the name says trading the “inside”. In other words, the leaking of price sensitive information by someone who has access to the private and material information of the company. Insiders include, but not limited to, CEO, Director and Key Employees of the company. It will affect the company as leaking of companies result will fluctuate the share price. Let me explain this with an example” Read More »

Learn Vocabulary with the help of Raps

Do you get tired of flipping through the pages of dictionary? Remembering those chunks of vocab words and forgetting the same the next day? Learning vocab could have never been easier with the help of songs. You listen to songs all the day. So why not putting some efforts learning something while you listen? Now here comes the Rap Genre. There are many vocab intensive raps out there that will interest you. It’s time to give a break to those Aashiqui 2 songs…

Some of the best Rappers are Eminem (everybody knows him), Tech n9ne, Busta Rhymes, Hopsin, Watsky and Mac lethal. Below are some examples of Raps and vocabulary. I will be giving examples of Eminem and tech n9ne verses of vocab because they are lyrically genius. Selection of Busta rhymes’, hopsin’s, Watsky’s and Mac lethal’s Raps is mentioned at the end for those who are looking for a quick start. Read More »

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