Anorexia Nervosa

The term may appear new to some of you but almost all of us have seen or been through it in a subtle way. What does it mean?? Well it is a kind of eating disorder in which the person develops a fear of food. The impact sometimes becomes so severe that he/she starves to death. I would rather call it an obsession disease, a kind of psychological disorder in which a person straightaway rejects the intake of food. There is a massive fear, the fear of gaining weight.

Typical anorexia patients have to be forcibly fed by the doctors through injection. Now the question comes-why this intense fear of getting fat?? Aren’t fat people good?? The thing is being fat is unhealthy but the body should have minimum BMI i.e. body mass index. One should be healthy, even if he/she has put on a slight weight.

One cannot imagine the condition of an anorexia patient. Imagine that you are hungry and you have not fed yourself for weeks. Anorexic people are hungrier than normal people but still their fear overpowers their hunger. The sad thing is that our society is now getting more and more fake. Near perfect bodies, having good figure is made essential without any serious necessity. Supermodels and celebrities are portrayed as skinny goddess inducing every tender aged females and males to feel self conscious about them. They develop a distorted image of themselves and see themselves ugly.

The inferiority complex gradually develops and then arises the demon within the heart that keeps constantly telling you that you are ugly, you are fat and nobody likes you!!! Admit it or not all of us are dissatisfied about our appearances at one stage of our life or the other. Why the need to impress the others who themselves are not perfect?  Why so consciousness about the looks?? Are we going to look super hot in old age also?? Is this our aim in life?? Are all these efforts going to give us a happy life till the end? Try to answer all these questions. Everyone deserves to be happy- You, Me and everybody. Don’t feel conscious about any useless thing. Reject anything that makes you unhappy and dissatisfied because life is too short to make yourself perfect for others.

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