A Letter from the Futureself

Regardless of whether you recover from setbacks quickly or are slow to recover, you can teach yourself to spend less time fretting over things and more time being happy. Sure, we all deal with challenges differently, challenges like not getting a job, losing in studies, losing a job, getting older or bad news from your physician. The fact is that these setbacks don’t need to set you back forever. There are several ways to get and stay happy, including penning a letter to yourself for being a happy person. Sure, at first it will feel a bit awkward but once you get into the meat of your letter you instantly feel uplifted and yes – Happy. Your future-self knows you better.

A letter from the Futureself

Congrats to you for starting 2015 out on a happy, fulfilling note. So far your choices to do what makes you feel good has made a significant difference – you don’t even need to put in a lot of effort into living a happy life now. Just think about how far you’ve actually come. Just a few months ago you were filled with financial dread, resorting to comfort food, having trouble fighting off depression. Then, you picked yourself up, put on your walking shoes and hit the road. Your daily walks were definitely a step in the right direction because it’s been proven that exercise makes you happier and healthier. I am so proud of you for possessing the courage to fight through your worries and treat yourself with love and respect. Looking back, it’s amazing that we pushed through the stressful times the way we did and ended up feeling so much better, just months after realizing that we deserve to be happy. Now you know what is important in life and are more open to positive change and new opportunities.

This year, make it a point to do what you love and say “YES” to the chance to experience something that excites you, a big “NO” to experiences that don’t and keep dreaming about that holiday because it definitely will happen. I have complete faith in you and believe that you can accomplish everything on your bucket list if you put your mind to it, all the while continuing to learn more about yourself and all the wonderful things you can accomplish, including living a happy, fulfilled life. If spending time snuggling in bed with your dog, watching movies makes you happy – go for it, but be sure to take on new experiences that might even scare you a bit like taking a hot air balloon ride. Also, hang out with fun friends, laugh, play and explore with them, being sure to create a legacy of memories you can share.

2015 is going to be a fantastic year and let’s plan on 2016 being even better. Let’s face it, with your happy, positive nature, it’s impossible for it to be anything else. Keep smiling, laugh loudly and love deeply (yourself included) and remember to let yourself to be a kid at heart. I also always want you to remember that it is okay to be fabulous you.


Your Futureself



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