9 Ways to Spot and Avoid a Hater

Hater, the most dangerous and disastrous creatures of all others who will make you believe that the gold you have is not a gold but coal. Haters can be of two types, a developed hater (who is a professional hater) and developing hater (who is becoming a hater). You need not to be celebrity to have haters. Haters are found everywhere in one way or another. Haters are not critics. Critics provide useful advice bonafide but haters have malafide intentions. I will discuss how to spot a hater and how to avoid one.

Hater has no life – You are living a good life when a hater friend jumps in and tells you that you have no life. Hater tell you to do something useful and get ahead. This is because a hater has no life and (s)he want to burst frustrations out on someone instead of working more to get to the higher level.

Ask smile laugh shuts up – A hater will ask you something about your field or may be out of your field and proves you that he has more knowledge than you. They read one thing to prove their knowledge and keep on asking that question to you and when you counter ask about the whole affair, they are blank. Remember, you don’t have to judge yourself. Your achievements and determination say it all.

Good record of failing and cursing – A hater fears to participate. He fears to attempt competitive exams, fears to perform, fears to sing, fears to play, fears to debate, fears to do everything yet he leads you in his mind. He always plan and never execute. He talks more but do nothing. He curse circumstances and society for his failure.

Rejection A hater rejects everything from top leaders to small leaders, he thinks that leaders are all useless and if they would be in leaders’ place then they could have done it better. For example, they will say that they can do better in studies, health or professional life than you, but nonetheless, they always fail because they keep blabbering but are afraid to do it.

“Theek hai” Congratulation – They will never ever congratulate you in a normal way. If they feel that you have done a great job then they just congratulate you while pointing some mistakes which has no base. They have no experience and ability yet they tell how business leaders should work, Singers/Rappers should sing/rap, Students should study, and teachers should teach.

Hide your talent – Haters will never leverage your talent. If you got any talent then haters will make sure that it remains confined to yourself and ignore it in group talks.

Bitch about other person – Haters sometimes bitch about other person with you and want to include you in the same so that you can say something that can be used against you.

Useless Advice – Haters have nothing but advices. They will tell you to do this, this is better, leave this, you are wasting your time, follow this, make your schedule like this, read this, don’t read this and likewise.

Hang on to your skin – A hater will tell you that there is no difference between you and him. Whatever you did was useless and he tries to guide you. What more, they nullify your achievements equating it with your present to drag you down to his level. But sometimes, a hater doesn’t know that a diamond will not break because of intense pressure but will take a new form with a new shine which was never seen before.


At all costs, haters should be avoided. They can’t be cured, and if you will try to cure them, they will put you down to their level. Like a pig in mud is happy, so are the haters. It is only you who will be getting dirty. Time is now for the New Year 2014. Make or decide some principles and resolutions for the year 2014. Let this year be the best year we have ever seen.



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