50 Things to do when Bored

Are you tired of studying all the day? Or bored? I am presenting you with some ideas on how to refresh your mind. Kindly note that these stunts must be performed by professionals or you will get a stroke by reading this post.

Got MTNL/BSNL broadband? Switch on the modem and see the unstable connection link blinking.
Smell the fragrance of plugged in Mortein.
Google search – Why I ain’t got an awesome life.
Stare into the eyes of strangers until they disappear.
Push all the buttons in a lift and do Shin Chan dance.
Bark at people.
Say “don’t kill me” to a stranger.
Offer money to a stranger of same gender while smiling.
Clap for a stranger when he comes out of washroom.
Do a double back flip.
Stand on a “not so crowded” bus stand and wave your hand for a bus and then run like crazy.
Try to concentrate on speed of the fan.
Hug a man saying “You did it man, I am so proud of you.” And do krumping.
Try not to step on floor tiles’ line joints while walking.
Fall in front of people.
Greet a stranger by saying “Take care of my girl dude, I have night shift in office.” And walk away.
Say to a stranger of same gender not to stare at you.
Visit an orphanage or Vridhashram.
Run in public with your pants off.
Feed street dogs.
Dance when someone hums in a metro.
Speak Telugu.
Make “Yao Ming face” while looking at a girl.
Sing Arabic song in public.
Watch Chinese movies with no subtitles.
Make a holiday plan.
Try to lick your elbow.
Drink water and spray the water like Triple H.
Go to a gym and get in shape.
Try to make a “Troll face.”
Hug and talk with a tree in public.
Do “Shirshasan.”
Ask a stranger why piggy doesn’t carry a bag while going to school.
Research on how to do a research.
Dance on the noise of horns.
Say behenji to a girl or dadiji to an aunty and run for your life.
Dress up like Kratos of GoW.
Think about what to do when bored.
Carry a big hammer in your hand and walk behind a stranger while screaming.
Hold your breath until you turn blue.
Shout that you diffused a Red Diwali Bomb.
Type 99999999 in calculator and press square root until 0.
Kill the one listening to Justin Bieber.
Shout “I love you” in public and note how many girls look at you.
Start singing Aashiqui 2 songs in public.
Ask any person walking by for a lift.
Tell a police officer that you are grateful for his service.
Close your eyes and try to spot the burn-in.
Paint with your hands.
Give a big smile to random girls while showing a thumbs up 😀



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